Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies

As one of the flagship research centers of Jinan University, the Academy of Overseas Chinese traces its history back to as early as the year of 1927. The following years saw the Academy’s consistent development, receiving funding from the provincial and national level governments. In alliance with the field of international relations, the Academy was named School of International Studies/Academy of Overseas Chinese in 2006. In line with the peaceful development of China and with the aim of serving the Chinese State and the Chinese society, the Academy is set to promote inter-disciplinary studies, restructure available resources for fundamental research, and attract global talents. The Academy will not settle for anything less than world-class academic excellence.

The Academy is host to a number of international conferences, such as Chinese in Africa/ African in China in 2015; China- Europe Research Platform on Chinese Migration to and Beyond Europe in 2017.

Archive of Overseas Chinese Studies

 Officially opened in 2016, the Archive collects and preserves documents on literature, education and media of overseas Chinese. The Archive’s twenty years of history has enabled it to accumulate materials in the field of overseas Chinese from a wide range of sources. It now boasts its reserve of overseas Chinese documents in the amount of more than 30,000 copies. While continuing to expand its services, most of these materials are now made available online through the Archive’s website (