Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Research on Southeast Asia is one of the important traditions with a long history at Jinan University. Since the founding of the Department of Nanyang Culture & Education at Jinan University in 1927, systematic research on Southeast Asian and overseas Chinese issues rose to prominence. Various journals such as Nanyang Research and Nanyang Intelligence represent the academic improvement for Southeast Asian studies in China at that time.

The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies was officially founded in 1960. Its predecessor was the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Central South Branch). The Institute was directed by Mr. Situ Zan, a famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader and educator from Indonesia. It has now developed into a multidisciplinary research institute, focusing on Southeast Asia’s economic, political, and international relations as well as overseas Chinese issues. Also, the Institute publishes the journal of Southeast Asian Studies.

In 2017, ISAS has join Southeast Asian Studies in Asia (SEASIA), a network for Southeast Asian studies which is established in Kyoto University

Deputy Director: Dr. DAI Fan

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

The Journal of Southeast Asian Studies debuted in 1959 to ensure that research outcomes would be published in a timely manner and encourage further research on Southease Asia. Southease Asian Studies is now one of the top journals listed in the China Social Sciences Citation Index(CSSCI), Chinese Core Journals in Humanities and Social Sciences, and Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database.

Editor-in-chief: Dr. ZHANG Zhenjiang